Is There Hope For An Aggressive Dog?

Simply put the answer is YES, usually, most of the time, but not always. Is that answer confusing, if so keep reading? The odds of the success you can have with rehabilitating a dog is good enough that you certainly need to give your dog a chance.

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If you have a dog that is showing aggression you need the Canine Behavior Specialist here at Dog Aggression Experts because we have the expertise that you and your dog need to solve these aggression issues. [Read more…]

You Must Admit You Have An Aggressive Dog

One thing that always amazes me is how a dog owner will not admit that they have an aggressive dog.  They come up with all types of excuses and reasons why the dog is showing aggression and it is never the dogs fault. [Read more…]

What Is Redirected Aggression?


Have you ever tried to break up a dog fight and your dog turned around and actually took its frustration out by giving you a big bite on the hand? Yep, it has happened probably at least once to any person that has gotten between two fighting dogs but the question is why? [Read more…]

Aggressive Dogs Need To Be Walked



Aggression has become an epidemic! I am not teasing, over the years I am beginning to see more and more cases of aggression from various causes. So what is causing it? There are several reasons that dogs are showing aggression more frequently however the cause that I want to discuss in this article is the lack of exercise, specifically walking. [Read more…]