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Aggression / Behavior Consultation

Our many years of experience with aggression and poorly behaved dogs has made Canine Behavior Specialists the leader when it comes to solving aggression and behavior problems.

If you are just starting your search for an answer to your dog’s behavior or aggression issues, we have a first step that you can take.  We offer an aggression or behavior consultation. You fill in the form, and we will develop a behavior modification program for your dog.

We will be able to use the information you provide to give you a clear, logical course of action to solve your dog’s problems with behavior modification. It does not include any actual training; however, it is available at an additional charge.

This consultation includes up to a 1-hour online meeting to give you the information you need as well as a plan of action for behavior modification. You will also have a short telephone follow-up if needed.

If you decide within 30 days to take our Rehabilitation Program, the $195 consultation fee will be deducted from the program fee.  Between 30 – 60 days we will credit you with $100.

Simply use the PayPal button below to pay the $195 consultation fee. An email with a form will be sent to you promptly for you to give us information about your dog. 

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