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Admit You Have An Aggressive Dog

Admit You Have An Aggressive Dog

It will always amaze me how deeply some people can bury themselves in denial, especially when it comes to their pets. Owners with aggressive dogs never seem to want to admit that they’re aggressive in the first place. There are a myriad of excuses they make up for the dog’s behavior and miraculously; none of them seem to involve the fact that the dog is in any way at fault.

If you’ve read any of my other articles about the epidemic of dog aggression, you’re probably as upset as I am about how much the amount of dog owners has risen over the years. There is a growing number of dogs that are so socially maladjusted that they’ll lash out at people, other dogs, and even their owners.

Before anyone can even begin to reverse their dog’s behavior, they must admit that there even is a problem in the first place. If you miss this crucial step in the behavior modification process, you’re just wasting your’s and your dog’s time. You’ll never see your dog’s behavior get better if you’re not treating the aggression problem in the first place.

But the second most important commitment a dog owner should make is to work with their dog for at least fifteen minutes a day. This commitment may not sound like a lot on the surface, but many dog owners seem to struggle with this step since their lives are so busy. This may even be part of the reason the dog is so aggressive in the first place.

While training your dog once a day will still bring about impressive results, if an owner can work in 2-3 sessions a day, their dog’s attitude will change drastically. Repetition is one of the main tenents of dog training, so if the owner keeps working with the dog, they’ll most likely notice a change in their dog’s behavior. In a short period, many owners have seen their dogs treat them more like the alpha they are.

But simple obedience training isn’t enough to break a dog’s nasty, aggressive habit. An aggressive dog needs a behavior modification program, and these programs often vary from dog to dog. But instead of having to go through frustrating trial and error, we design a personalized behavior modification program for each dog we work with.

When an owner has to rehabilitate an aggressive dog, there is a huge amount of commitment that is required. In some instances, a dog owner doesn’t want to deal with the aggressive dog they’ve taken on and instead chooses to push the responsibility onto someone else or even have the dog euthanized in a few extreme cases.

Whether an owner decides to put an end to their dog’s aggressive behavior or simply rehome, it is a decision that doesn’t have a right or wrong answer. It relies completely on the owner’s ability to work with their dog as well as the needs of their family and lifestyle.

One of the main reasons dogs are aggressive is due to improper socialization when they were puppies. When deciding to adopt a puppy, make sure you get help from an experienced trainer so they can teach you about socialization early.

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So here is the question every dog owner should answer. 

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