A dog owner that has an aggressive dog simply needs to follow our specific lesson plans and behavior modification strategies on a daily basis to see results in rehabilitating their dog.

Rehabilitation will be accomplished with a combination of training and behavior modification.  Yes, training is important and unlike what many dog owners believe, obedience training is not just for show dogs.

Obedience training is actually what establishes the dog master relationship. This is what the dog needs so that he realizes that you are the pack leader.  However, obedience training is not all that we will be doing.  After completing our very detailed dog behavior information form, we will be able to develop a behavior modification program just for your dog. Behavior modification will help make your dog a dog again and show it where its place is in the pack.  This is IMPORTANT.

We do want you to know that the methods you will be using to rehabilitate your dog are humane.  We will never ask you to do anything cruel to your dog.

Please keep in mind that the training however is not just for your dog.  During our time with you, we will be teaching you how to take over the leadership role with your dog and become the pack leader.  During this process, your dog will actually thank you for becoming the pack leader and making his/her life better.

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