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Rehabilitation Program

If you have an aggressive dog, we have a rehabilitation program that will help.  The program consists of obedience training as well as behavior modification.  The program is created for your dog’s specific needs.

Of course, obedience training is only one part of the program. We will have you complete our detailed information form.  This form will give us information about your dog from the very beginning and will allow us to develop a fully customized behavior modification program.

At the first meeting, we will have a strategy session using the form that you completed and returned to us.  We will cover all the information you gave us and give you an exact plan to follow for the behavior modification.

After that is complete, we will finish up the lesson with some obedience exercises for you to implement.

During the four lesson program, we will be able to teach you everything you need to know to have a well trained and rehabilitated dog.  You will need to dedicate 15 minutes a day to training by simply following our carefully laid out lesson plans and behavior modification strategies. Your daily work will allow you to experience the results you want to rehabilitate your dog.

During the program, you will have access to your trainer seven days a week when you need help or have questions.  After the program, we will be available 365 days a year when you have questions or simply need some advice.

A combination of training and behavior modification will be used to accomplish your dog’s rehabilitation. Training is very important when it comes to having a healthy relationship with your dog. Despite what you may have heard, obedience training is not just for show or competition dogs.

A dog needs obedience training to fully understand that you are the pack leader and that you should be followed.

We want you to fully understand that each strategy or method you will be implementing to achieve rehabilitation is humane. We do not rely on cruel strategies or shock collars to achieve our goals.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that you are integral to the training process. It is not just for your dog. During our training periods, we will be teaching you how to demonstrate pack leadership qualities to your dog effectively and how to be looked at as the pack leader. In the end, your dog will be very happy that you made his life much easier and less stressful, not having to take on the leadership role itself.

Feel free to give us a call to schedule your FREE consultation. During which, we can discuss your dog’s individual needs.

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