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About Aggression

Thanks for visiting the Dog Aggression Experts website. You are most likely here because you own a dog that is starting to show or is already showing aggression. I first want to assure you that you are not alone. Actually, I have been working with dogs for my whole life, and I have realized that over the past 10 to 12 years that aggression in dogs has turned into an epidemic.

When I reminiscence about when I was a child, there were many dogs throughout my neighborhood.  My friends all had dogs, and they were all well-behaved and didn’t seem like they showed any aggression with other dogs or people. Of course, there was always one dog on the street that seemed really aggressive from behind a fence. However, we didn’t ever really know for certain since the dog never actually left its backyard. It seemed like the owner never walked this particular dog, and the neighbor never played with the dog or did anything with him. Maybe that is why the poor dog was so aggressive and nasty.

So what caused the epidemic I am talking about? I believe there isn’t one single thing that has caused this problem but several things instead, which include the following:

– Trying to transform our dogs into our children and not letting them be dogs.

– A lack of discipline within the pack.

– A dog having a lack of exercise

– A lack of walks and other pack building exercises

– A lack of training that forms the basis of the dog master relationship

– A lack of leadership in the pack

– A lack of appropriate socialization within the social time frame

Those are just a few causes of aggression. As you read this list, you will probably realize that the reason these things are taking place is due to the dog owner not taking the necessary time to ensure their dog is taught those things or take the needed time for exercise and training.

If you were aware of all of these things when you first got your puppy, perhaps you wouldn’t be here right now searching for answers to help you with your aggressive dogs. So whether your dog has bitten someone or has just begun to show aggression, I would like you to know there is still hope for your dog.

The following are other things that could be causing your dog’s aggression:

– A medical condition

– Genetics

– The desire of your dog to protect its territory or you

– Fear

I have worked within the dog behavior and training industry for more than 30 years, and my niche has become aggressive dogs.  I have helped young dogs that have just started to show aggression or dominance, as well as dogs that have bitten.

Take your time to look through our website. Please know that both my associates and I are available to assist you anywhere in the United States. We would love to help get your aggressive dog welcomed back into a beloved member of your family as a well-behaved and balanced dog you can enjoy spending time with.

There are many different kinds of aggression which include but are not limited to:

– Aggression within the home with family dogs and family members – very common

– Aggression with children

– Possession aggression

– Food aggression

– Predatory aggression

– Dog on dog aggression

– Protective aggression

– Territorial aggression

– Fear aggression

Those are some of the more common forms of aggression we see on a regular basis. Probably fear is one of the most common of dog aggression causes. If your dog displays fear, one of our main goals will be helping your dog overcome its fear.

When most people give us a call, what they tend to ask us is, “do I have any hopes of rehabilitating my dog?” Our answer is, yes, there is hope. By using proven behavior modification techniques and training methods that we use, there is always hope.

Please call us for your FREE telephone consultation where we can discuss the needs of your dog.

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So here is the question every dog owner should answer. 

Does my dog deserve a second chance to be a loved member of our family.

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