About Aggression

Welcome to the DOG AGGRESSION EXPERTS website.  I assume that the reason you are here today is that you have a dog that is showing or is starting to show aggression.  Please don’t feel like you are alone.  In fact, I have been involved with dogs my entire life and I realize that in the last 10-12 years aggression with dogs has become an epidemic.

When I think back to when I was a kid, there were dogs all over my neighborhood.  All my friends had a dog, and they were all good dogs that really did not seem to show aggression with people or other dogs.  Now don’t get me wrong… there was always that one dog on the street that appeared to be very aggressive from behind the fence, but we really never seemed to know for sure because it never left the backyard.  The owner never walked it, in fact, the neighbor actually never played or did anything with it.  Wow, maybe that is why it was so nasty.

So what has caused this epidemic that I am referring to?  I actually feel that it is not one single thing that is causing the problem, but actually several things that include:

  1. Lack of proper socialization during the socialization period
  2. Lack of leadership within the pack
  3. Lack of training which is the basis for the dog master relationship
  4. Lack of pack building exercises including the walk
  5. Lack of exercise for the dog
  6. Lack of discipline in the pack
  7. Trying to turn our dogs into our babies!  Not allowing them to be a dog.

These are just some causes of aggression.  When you sit and read this list, I think that you probably realize that the reason the items above are happening is that the dog owner has not taken the time to make sure that their dog was taught these things or given the needed time for training and exercise.

Well, if you knew all of this when you got your puppy, possibly you would not be here today looking for answers to help your aggressive dog.  Whether your dog has just started showing aggression or your dog has actually bitten, I want you to know that there is hope.

Some other things that can be the cause of your dog’s aggression include:

  1. Fear
  2. Your dog’s desire to protect you or its territory
  3. Genetics
  4. A Medical Condition

I have been in the dog training and behavior business for 30+ years, and aggressive dogs have become my niche.  I have been able to help the young dog that is starting to show dominance and or aggression all the way to the dog that has bitten.

Please take your time and look around our website.  I want you to know that my associates and I are available to you anywhere in the U.S.  We would love nothing more than to welcome your aggressive dog back into your family as a balanced, well-behaved dog that you can enjoy.

There are many types of aggression, including but not limited to:

  1. Fear aggression
  2. Territorial aggression
  3. Protective aggression
  4. Dog on dog aggression
  5. Predatory aggression
  6. Food aggression
  7. Possessive aggression
  8. Aggression with children
  9. Aggression in the home with family members and family dogs – very common

These are some of the most common types of aggression that we see on a daily basis. Fear is probably one of the most common causes of dog aggression.  If your dog shows fear, one of our goals will be to help your dog overcome that fear.

So when most people call us they ask “is there any hope in rehabilitating my dog” and the answer is of course there is hope.  Using the proven training methods and behavior modification techniques that we not only use ourselves but teach other dog trainers, there is hope.

Please feel free to give us a call for a FREE telephone consultation, so we can discuss your dog’s needs.