Aggressive Dogs Need To Be Walked

Aggression has become an epidemic! I am not teasing, over the years I am beginning to see more and more cases of aggression from various causes. So what is causing it? There are several reasons that dogs are showing aggression more frequently, however the cause that I want to discuss in this article is the lack of exercise, specifically walking.

Dogs need exercise. We all realize that, however not everybody acts on it and provides the needed exercise to have a happy, well-adjusted dog. If you just can’t find time to make a daily walk a part of your dog’s life, then think about other types of exercise.

If your dog play a good retrieve game, then take 20 – 30 minutes and throw that ball. The goal is to exercise your dog to the point that he is relaxed and happy.

Dogs with aggression issues usually suffer from low serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, it works in the brain, and in the nervous system to help your dog have a feeling of well-being. In plain English, your dog requires serotonin to help eliminate the aggression, and exercise is the way to get it naturally.

Dogs suffering from aggression and separation anxiety may benefit from medications that affect the level of serotonin in the body. Your vet can help you determine if your dog needs one of these medications and if it will help your dog’s aggression.

Of course, any treatment with medication from your vet should always be accompanied by a good behavior modification program that includes some great obedience training. Obedience training helps establish the master dog relationship and allows the dog to see you as the master and leader of the pack. Dogs without training tend to assume the alpha position in the pack. Believe it or not, your dog would be very happy to let you assume that role and relieve him of that responsibility.

Of course walking will not cure all your aggressive dog’s problems, however depending on the type of aggression walking, obedience training and some good behavior modification will go a long way to getting your dog back to being a fun-loving dog and a happy member of your family.

Remember that a trained dog is a happy dog and an exhausted dog is happier, so take the time to train and give your dog all the mental and physical stimulation that it needs to be happy.


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